Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weigh day

Hello there! I've missed you! I kinda lost focus this week. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but most of my "putting my health first" energy got shifted to the back burner. I want to figure it out so I can learn from it and truly change my ways, but, honestly, I think it had a lot to do with pms and hormonal shifts. I got a little run down and lost momentum in the gym too.

The final number this morning is 1.25 pounds gone. This is good, but not quite my goal of 2 pounds per week. As far as regaining focus, it's a big attention getter when the scale whispers in your fat ear. I am re-committing to journaling everything that goes in my mouth. I've also created some new playlists to listen to at the gym...stuff that'll help me get moving. Do you know I actually listened to David Gray's "White Ladder" yesterday? It fit my mood at the time but I think it effected my workout--I just couldn't get fired up listening to that. In fact, I wanted to nap soooooo badly afterwards.

Okay, here we week, renewed focus!

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