Monday, April 25, 2011

hello again!!!

     Hey there!  I'm back.  My absence can best be explained by a combination of computer problems, being busy preparing for the holiday, ongoing health problems and a bit of a lack of motivation too.  Since that last post I've lost and probably gained those same four pounds.  I've been up and down, still fighting the good fight overall, but with some struggles.  I've decided to change my Weigh Day to Tuesday, which is sort of random, but I feel I just need a fresh start and will make that fresh start tomorrow.
     A dear, dear friend asked me to post about what I've learned lately.  I have to admit that I had to think about this one because I don't feel like I've had any epiphanies, but rather just some things that I already knew have been reinforced by my recent experiences.  1) There's no way around your goal, you just have to go for it head on.  In the context of losing weight, and with many other chanllenges, you just have to be disciplined, remember your plan, and do it, no matter how tough it is. 2) That being said, you have to listen to your body.  If you have a problem, pay attention to it before it becomes a bigger problem.   3)  Remember to learn from your slip ups.  This is a good way to remind yourself of what works for you and what doesn't.  Right now, eating chocolate and salted cured meats isn't working for me.  Neither is skipping workouts.  Fresh start needed.  4) When times are tough, you know who your true friends are.  Make sure you thank them and keep them close!

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