Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weigh Day

Ok, I can only guess what my last official weigh in was, as my computer problems prevented me from updating my "Pounds Lost so Far" gadget, so I decided to use my lowest recent weight and go from there.  It looks like I gained 5 pounds.  I'm not going to freak out.  I'm just going to power through this.  I think I'll have my computer problems resolved within the week, which will do wonders because not being able to get online has really kinked my style.  The weight loss software I use only allows you to enter your weight once every seven days, and I couldn't get online yesterday so that's already blown for the week.  Totally sucks, but I can work around it.  As far as physical problems, my shoulders are still messed up but my knee seems fine.  I went for a four mile walk yesterday with two kids in the double stroller...approximately 120 pounds extra to push around town.  I had plans to go to the Y this morning but my two year old has a bit of a temp and is acting like he's down for the count.  There is the possibility I can make it in the evening, or maybe even a bike ride.  Now that would be heaven, zipping around on a bike, feeling the wind, no kids bickering....ahhh.

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