Monday, January 17, 2011

Hard Core

Here's something I've been thinking about lately:  If I can do so much for my family, work so hard to keep them organized and on track, then surely I possess the skills to do the same for myself.  For all you moms/dads or people who manage others at work, you know what I mean.  I'm talking about the ability to plan ahead and the fortitude to execute those plans.  We know how to get things done.  For example, the other day I was on an elliptical machine at the gym and the woman on the machine next to me was sniffling quite a bit.  Finally, she just blew her nose in her t-shirt.  Of course it was gross, but I thought, "Now there's a chick who knows how to get things done."  Now, THAT'S hard core.  So I'm dedicating my day to getting things done, even if it ain't pretty. 

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  1. First....ever. I'm with you on this all starts with a single step